The 2018 Championship will consist of 4 races:

• Fortitudo Property Poole Bay 100 – organised by Moto2017 Ltd, sanctioned by UKOPRA
• Falmouth Marathon Regatta – organised by the IPRC, sanctioned by UKOPRA
• Cowes Torquay – organised by the BPRC, sanctioned by UKOPRA
• Torquay Cowes – organised by the BPRC, sanctioned by UKOPRA


• Entry Forms here


• The 2018 World Offshore Championship rules define a number of classes and these will be denoted in the race and Championship results.

Points System:

• First place – 400 points
• Second place – 300 points
• Third place – 225 points
• Fourth place – 169 points
• Fifth place – 127 points (reducing by 25% for each subsequent position).

Points Allocation:

• Points will be allocated to the Driver and Co-driver
• A team may change their boat during the championship once only, but may not return to the first boat without freezing the points they have accrued at that stage. They will then accrue point as a new entry, but will not have to pay second entry fee.

In the event of a tie:

• The team who have scored most points in the longest race (total NM raced) will win.
• Failing that – The team who have scored most points in the second longest race (total NM raced) will win.
• All other ties will be left tied.


• There will only be 1 Overall Championship winner, the team that score the most points in the overall finishing order in each race. This team will be crowned 2018 World Offshore Champion.
• There will also be a World Champion in each sub-class if there are at least 5 boats racing in that class in the Championship.

Technical infringements:

• If a team is disqualified for a ‘premeditated’ serious technical infringement, such as being found to be underweight or to be using illegal fuel then the boat will lose all the points accrued to date
• The team may continue in the championship and can continue to score points in subsequent races.
• Other disqualifications where seen to be ‘accidental’ or not major performance increasing matters then they will only be disqualified from the race in question.