The iconic Harmsworth Trophy will be awarded in 2018

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Markus Hendricks – 2011 Harmsworth Trophy winner

The British International Harmsworth Trophy will be competed for again in 2018, the iconic trophy was last won by Markus Hendricks from Germany in 2011 at Cowes.

This year, competitors racing for the 2018 World Offshore Championship will have the added prestige of competing for a trophy that was commissioned by Sir Alfred Harmsworth and first presented 115 years ago.

The British International Harmsworth Trophy

The 2018 Rules outline that the Harmsworth will be competed for at Poole, Falmouth, the Cowes Torquay and the Torquay Cowes and that the competitor with the highest average speed over those 4 races will be added to the illustrious list of the names on the trophy.

Dorothy Levitt, the first British woman racing driver and a pioneer of female independence and female motoring was the first recipient of the trophy, American inventor Garfield Wood has won it on the most occasions and recent winners include Stefano Casiraghi (the second husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco) and Daniel Scioli (former Vice President of Argentina).


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